This application can run ZeppOS apps & watchfaces in your browser. Useful for homebrew development, faster and more flexible than the official ZeppOS Simulator, but a bit less compatible.


  • Windows 10+, or macOS Big Sur+, or any Linux with python
  • Chromium-based browser, plain Chromium or Google Chrome is best. Firefox isn't fully supported.



  • Download archive from previous page, extract it somewhere;
  • Run ZeppPlayer.exe from this directroy.


  • Download DEB-package from previous page and install them;
  • Later a repository for auto-install and update will be available.


  • Download tarball from previous page, unpack it;
  • Allow running of non-verified software, if you don’t (guide can be found in Google);
  • On macOS 11-12, you should also remove “quarantine” flag from app files
    • To do this, open a terminal, type sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine and after a space, drag ZeppPlayer onto the terminal window to paste the path to it and press Enter. If prompted, enter your account password.

How to add custom watch faces or apps

Just place them to projects directory. If you have them as bin file, rename it to zip and unpack.

In windows/linux, this directory is near application executable. In macOS, it was located in ~/Library/Application Support/ZeppPlayer. Easiest way to find it, just select <file manager> option in project picker (top left corner of player in browser). For troubleshooting you can run application with dev argument (eg ./start.sh dev), this will enable logging. In this menu also could change projects directory location, if you want.

How to exit application

Find Zepp Player icon in system tray. Right-click them and select Exit.


  • Avoid defining variables without var/let/const. This variables become global, and modern browsers didn't allow that;
  • Real device (Smart Band 7) have some troubles with math, eg division and comparing. That limitations can't be emulated, so just keep in mind;
  • If you add _name prop to widget config, that name will be visible in Explorer. Example can be found in included Demo watch face.

(extra) Install as nodeJS package for CLI use

NodeJS and npm is required for that. Download sources archive and unpack it.

Open terminal/command prompt in this folder, and do:

npm i
npm run build

# Administrator acces (or sudo) may be required for command bellow
npm i -g .

Wait a while. After that, you can in any other command prompt use zepp-preview to generate previews.

zepp-preview [command]

    zepp-preview <projects...>  Preview a list of projects

        --help     Show help                                             [boolean]
        --version  Show version number                                   [boolean]
        --gif      With GIF preview                                      [boolean]
        --png      With PNG preview                      [boolean] [default: true]
    -o             Output path, {} will be replaced with current project path
                                                        [string] [default: "{}"]
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