Get Mi Band authorization key

This key can be used to connect your Mi Band device to third party apps. For example, AmazTools require them to install custom watchfaces. Carefully follow the instruction bellow to fetch them.


Make sure your smart band is linked to your Xiaomi account, you will need a login and the password for this account. Account Xiaomi and account Zepp Life are different things. If you do not have it tied, do it through the Zepp Life app.

Also look at MAC-address of your device. It is required only to validate that device in list is the same as in Zepp Life.

Click button bellow. It will open new tab, where you should log in to your Xiaomi-account. It is a official Xiaomi website that was used for mobile app auth.

Do a login. Your browser will redirect you to page with error like "Connection isn't private" or "This website isn't secure", or same other error. You must copy a link to that page with error, don't click anything, just go to address bar and copy an url.

Step 2. Extract token.

Paste your copied URL into field bellow, select application that requested you to get token (this will change result token format) and click "Fetch" button.

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